Call Me Dometria

Welcome to by blog, galleries and my online shop. Glad you made it here and I hope you enjoy my photos and ramblings. I am know under a few names! Some call me Dometria Domme, some call me Mistress Dometria, which is my professional savage name, but you can call me Dometria.

The Brighton Dungeon

I am also famous internationally as the most brutal dominatrix in the world! Mistress Dometria is the name I use when I am in this role. I have my very own dungeon called The Brighton Dungeon and have made over 800 movies. Please check out The Brighton Dungeon website to see more of my dungeon activity. Please be warned, it is not for the feint hearted and portrays BDSM and fetishism at its most extreme. I also run the Brighton Erotic Boudoir where I hire my amazing dungeon out for adventurous couples and for filming.

Muscle Girl

I am also a two-times world champion bodybuilder for my body class. I train very hard on a daily basis to keep in shape for further competitions through 2018 and for the pro-wrestling circuit that I am involved in. Fitness and muscle girl work means I have to stay in my best shape possible. Good job that I love working out then!

The Dometria Shop

I will be opening my online shop on this very site soon. I have many pairs of boots and shoes, plus other kinky clothing including my latex outfits which I will be selling on here. Also, you will be able to buy autographed items, including glossy prints from my photoshoots, signed by my own fair hand.  You will also receive a signed picture with anything you buy. Please check back soon for the shop. You can also sign up to my monthly news letter where I tell you of my activities in the month ahead, about my live performances and also special content that I will be putting on a members-only part of this website very soon.

New Photos & Galleries

I love making movies and doing photoshoots, and I do a lot of them, at least a couple a month, so make sure you check back or sign up to my newsletter see my new stuff.

Please click here to contact me if you want to know about booking me for filming, photo sessions, appearances or anything else you think would make a cool collaboration or project.


The Mistress Dometria Interview by Darkside Magazine

Darkside is a sexy online digital magazine aimed at BDSM and fetish lovers across the globe. Published six times a year, Darkside is a lively and engaging magazine which appeals to men and women alike who are into the BDSM/fetish scene. Each issue includes interviews with all kinds of people into the scene, as well as provides some fun and informative editorial. With tasteful, erotic and informative content, Darkside is a must-read for all those into this amazing lifestyle.

Pretty Nasty In Pink – Boxing Ring Workout

Yes, I’m pretty nasty in pink! I’m pretty nasty in ANY colour in the boxing ring to be frank. Pink is definitely not my favourite colour! I like black and red, and shiny outfits in latex. Saying that, pink is very sexy in latex and for gym wear, but it doesn’t showcase my true fight-girl nature.

I do love this outfit though, as it is perfect for sparring and workouts, and gives me enough freedom to move in order to batter my competition. Its a bit of a lure really, like a butterfly, or in my case, a Praying  Mantis!