The Mistress Dometria Interview by Darkside Magazine

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Mistress Dometria is the Green Goddess

It’s so good to see you here, watching me get ready and enjoying my new Green Goddess photo shoot with me. I particularly love the magical lighting my wonderful photographer created here, perfectly complementing the rich green of my bikini and my own, golden, Mediterranean skin. I think this shoot has a certain, delicious, deep and mysterious feel to it…. don’t you agree?

Shiny Bikini Gym Session

Dometria Gym Photo Session. I have always been passionate about sculpting my body and have a long-term love affair with wrestling and MMA. This attitude has give me the opportunity to push myself and realise my personal power. There is no better feeling for me than the sensation of my trained and taut muscles straining around a strong male physique.

Pretty Nasty In Pink – Boxing Ring Workout

Yes, I’m pretty nasty in pink! I’m pretty nasty in ANY colour in the boxing ring to be frank. Pink is definitely not my favourite colour! I like black and red, and shiny outfits in latex. Saying that, pink is very sexy in latex and for gym wear, but it doesn’t showcase my true fight-girl nature.

I do love this outfit though, as it is perfect for sparring and workouts, and gives me enough freedom to move in order to batter my competition. Its a bit of a lure really, like a butterfly, or in my case, a Praying  Mantis! 

Domestic Dominatrix in Latex

Cooking is a real pleasure of mine, especially Greek and Cypriot dishes! Greek food reminds me of my heritage and my proud history, so when I engage with the recipes, my soul wakes up and my passion clears away a dull day every time.

Being Dometria, I tend to be very domineering in the kitchen! And don’t like others getting in my way and spoiling the sauce. I have a Gordon Ramsay streak, so watch out if you under-season the chicken.

Diamonds are a Dominatrix’s Best Friend

I love diamonds, I especially love how the jewels settle into my cleavage and rest there, sparking and enticing. There is nothing better than a precious gem gleaming against my muscles.

The song is perhaps most famously performed by Marilyn Monroe in the 1953 film Gentlemen Prefer Blondes. But I disagree with Marilyn! Diamonds dont discriminate against hair colour! They are also a brunette’s best friend. (Probably not a ginger’s though).

Office Girl Dominatrix

Dominatrixes like me, like order…fact. We need to be in control. If you go into my office and move my stapler to the other end of my desk, I will notice. I may even stare at you with such intensity that you will run out screaming, with my words ringing in your ears: “Why did you touch my stapler without asking? You deserve to be taught a lesson.” You’d better watch your ass.