Yes, I’m pretty nasty in pink! I’m pretty nasty in ANY colour in the boxing ring to be frank. Pink is definitely not my favourite colour! I like black and red, and shiny outfits in latex. Saying that, pink is very sexy in latex and for gym wear, but it doesn’t showcase my true fight-girl nature.

I do love this outfit though, as it is perfect for sparring and workouts, and gives me enough freedom to move in order to batter my competition. Its a bit of a lure really, like a butterfly, or in my case, a Praying  Mantis! 

Pink isn’t just a colour, it’s an attitude!MILEY CYRUS

Pink adds a bit of a false-positive, as my opponents may think I’m all girly-girly in pink. But that in itself is enough to make my opponent lower his guard and let me unleash merry hell upon their poor unsuspecting body.

My Outfits & Gym-wear Shop

I will have my shop up and running very soon on this website. I will have many of my gym outfits, shoes and other bits and pieces that you will be able to shop for and own for yourself.

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