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Darkside Cover Mistress Dometria
Darkside Cover Mistress Dometria


Darkside: Please tell us about Yourself (where you were born, your goals and ambitions etc)

I was born in South London in Lewisham. As a little girl I went back to Cyprus and only spoke Greek until I was about six years old. Then I came back to school in the UK and we stayed in the UK, but frequently visiting Cyprus. Made in Cyprus, but born in Lewisham – a pretty amazing combination!

My goals and ambitions? Carry on what I am doing and go from strength to strength! Maybe buy another dungeon and help other mistresses train.

Darkside: How did You get into becoming a Pro-Domme?

Well, I would say ‘a Pro-Domme became me’! I was living the life even though I did not know it myself. Even when I was a young runaway, people kept telling me I was like a Dominatrix, but I did not know what one of those was. Until I looked in the mirror and saw what it was….. and that was me. I was dominant in my every day lifestyle and I knew very quickly that I could make a living out of it. And I’ve not looked back since.

Darkside: How long have You been a Pro-Domme and have you seen many changes within that time?

I have been a Professional Dominatrix making money and paying tax for f ifteen years. I have seen many changes in that time, some positive and a fair few negative. The positive is that most women who have become Dominas are wired up very well and seem to have an affinity for people like ourselves: very humane. The negative side is that you are now getting many little girls who are prostitutes thinking that they are Dommes and that pisses me off. Pisses me off so much that I’d like to give them a smack in the mouth. You can print that if you like!

Darkside: What is it that makes You different from the others?

Just being a different human being. I think differently and I play differently and uniquely. I’m different because I think I find people who want to play like I do and let me push them to another level and treat them respectfully.

Darkside: When did You first realise that You were a Dominant Female and when did that knowledge manifest itself?

I learnt I was a Dominant Female from a very young age, because I have always looked after myself and many others. Definitely not a sob story there. It manifested itself in my teenage years where I was a runaway and rebel.

Darkside: What would You say is Your prime attribute that makes You a Dominant Woman?

Hmm. It’s that I look after everyone. That’s what! I enjoy being an ass-kicker.

Darkside: Do Your friends and family know what You do? What was their reaction when they first found out?

Yes my family know what I do, and my friends, though I don’t tell every stranger on the street because its none of their business. My close friends and family knew all along, but my Mum who was an old lady living in Cyprus, when she found out she was pretty horrified because of her religion, being Greek Orthodox, and she felt it was going against god. But because she loved me and I spoke to her in great detail about what I do, and also because in a sense it is in our blood too because my father was a very strong and dominant man in what he did, and so it would be hypocritical to disapprove of me.

Darkside: Do You travel for Your work?

I travel all over the world (though not the Middle East and Asia because I don’t like the way women are treated there and how children are exploited).

Darkside: Do Your slaves come from any particular area of society or is it a cross section?

They come from a good cross-section of society, but I would say what makes my slaves different is that they are intelligent, worldly, strong men, who are into intelligent sex. And that doesn’t mean putting their genitalia anywhere near me or wanking their cocks! I would say they are top-end players because they have made themselves well educated, even if they were brought up working class.

Darkside: Do You enjoy Dominating male and female subs in the same way?

I enjoy dominating male subs more than female subs because male subs are physically stronger. I’ve had some good mentally strong female subs, but I would say I get more from men. But don’t get me wrong, I love playing with the girls too. They’re gorgeous!

Darkside: What can a client expect when they first meet You?

He can expect to meet a true Domina. I will be kitted and well polished from head to toe. I will smell beautiful and look amazing. He can expect to meet a professional.

Darkside: What kinds of punishments do You use?

A lot! Where to start? Caning, whipping, ballbusting, electrics…….. I do most punishments, but NOT shitting! I don’t mind pissing on people though!!

Darkside: What is Your favourite fetish?

If you mean what do I like doing in the dungeon, I would say that I love caning and whipping because I really feel that the cane or the whip is an extension of me, that my whip is my arm wrapping around your body, and I get an amazing sense of power back from both of those instruments and the player, watching their toes curl and their body move. It’s almost like art. Those two I love, but also I can’t resist ballbusting. I adore it.

Dometria Darkside Gallery2

Darkside: What does a D/s relationship look like to you?

Depends what you mean. I have a close relationship with many of my players, and by that I don’t mean an intimate or a sexual one. But in my personal life I have never gone out with a submissive male.

Darkside: If someone asked You to take them past their limits, would You?

Yes of course, that’s why people come to me because they want to be pushed beyond their limits. That’s what it says on the can! And that’s what I do and I believe it’s needed. Us human beings need to be pushed.

Darkside: How important is after care to You?

As important to me as the play itself. Also meeting and greeting and putting someone at their ease is also very important.

Darkside: Is there anything that You haven’t done within the BDSM world that You wish to?

I can’t think of anything. But who knows. Maybe a player will come along with something amazing that I have never done before, and, well, I’ll try it! So far though I can say I’m pretty lucky. I love all of it. But of course, there are some things that I have not wanted to do that I have not done! But in the world of BDSM I have done pretty much everything, including doing my thing on stage which has been awesome.

Darkside: How do You perceive the “lifestyle” as being viewed in mainstream society?

Sitcoms present us as weird, kinky people. Square pegs that don’t fit into a round hole. Hmm, now you mention that, I might try it. Gimme a square peg!

Darkside: How do You feel about the way that Pro-Dommes get portrayed in the media?

A  lot of it shows us like a Kenny Everett stereotype. But we are almost counsellors. From the time they walk in the door to the time they walk out the door. I’ve got people who I’ve seen for over fifteen years whose life has totally changed. But you don’t get that in the media. They just portray us as negative and weird and kinky fuckers. And I suppose we are that too. But that’s not the main thing.

Darkside: Do You consider Yourself as being a Dominatrix in all aspects of your life, or do You separate this from a more “vanilla” life?

Yes I’m pretty much a Dominatrix in most aspects of my life. Some willingly and some unwillingly. It’s my strength and my Achilles heel. It’s part of me. ‘Dometria’ is my alter ego. But I do have a separate vanilla life as well. I get to put my feet up and slob out like the rest of us.

Darkside: What do You like to do in Your spare time?

I love taking my dogs for walks. I spend time with my family. I love the gym. I love competing in my wrestling and bodybuilding. I love art exhbitions, theatre, drawing, travelling… and I’d love to have more spare time to do more. Life doesn’t start and finish at my dungeon door. And sometimes I just love doing NOTHING. Just relaxing on the sofa and watching mind-numbing TV and eating junk food (from time to time!).

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Darkside: What satisfies You the most about being a Mistress?

Being my own boss and interacting with other people, including photographers, film-makers, other Dommes, beautiful slaves. It’s a very satisfying job, especially when I see changes in people who come to see me, from nervous and hesitant people when they arrive to becoming strong and more confident men. I love that.

Darkside: What is Your personal motivation to work as a Dominatrix/model?

It’s an amazing power exchange and almost cathartic, and, not being over the top, its something like a utopian and religious experience at times!! Just love it.

Darkside: Anything else You would like to mention?

I’m looking forward to reading more of the magazine. It’s been great to meet you and I think you are doing an amazing job.

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