It’s so good to see you here, watching me get ready and enjoying my new Green Goddess photo shoot with me. I particularly love the magical lighting my wonderful photographer created here, perfectly complementing the rich green of my bikini and my own, golden, Mediterranean skin. I think this shoot has a certain, delicious, deep and mysterious feel to it…. don’t you agree?

I certainly had fun dressing up and posing for these photos. First oiling the curves of my body, ready to wrap the soft and supple, ribbon-sheen straps around my taut, strong and flexible muscles. I love how the straps first snap against my skin, then how they warm up with my body heat and settle, all satin-soft. So firm, yet gentle, like the arms of a lover. I wrap the straps around my chest and my breasts, as the material brushes against my nipples and makes them hard and erect. I slide the straps up over my athletic hips and around my tiny waist, as I carefully position my bikini panties between my toned thighs.

Once dressed in my barely-there bikini, all the better to show off my muscles and my tattoos, I stalk to the mirror to touch up my face. I plump my lips with red, shine my eyes with silver, and highlight my high cheekbones. I toss and slick down my long, glossy, perfumed, black hair. I flex my muscles and pose in front of the mirror, and I think about you watching me…. the lens of the camera… and every single one of you who is looking at my photos right now.

You all inspire me, as I perform for the camera, and for you all. I think of you as I recline, stretch and slink like a panther in heat upon the black satin sheets of my bed, showing off my perfectly-sculpted body, my eyes glittering with power and desire, ready to devour my prey. And as I take a shower in my wetroom and fantasise the water is dewy rain upon my scented skin, on a balmy summer’s night, with the droplets exploding and evaporating as they make contact with my hot body. As I close my eyes under the scattered kisses of the water, I can almost smell the honeyed, salty, and oh so sexy scent of summer months spent on beautiful beaches, with a hint of jasmine and night blossom in the air…

Ah, there I am becoming distracted with my fantasies again. Are you fantasising with me? If so and you would like to keep my Green Goddess in your eyes, mind and soul for longer, much, much longer, then you can now buy a signed photo of your very own. Just choose which is your favourite picture to have of me, alone in your bed… or not so alone. So go ahead and select your desire, then send me your order through my contact page.

I look forward to being on your wall and to welcoming you here again very soon!

There are only two types of women – goddesses and doormats.

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