There is nothing more I love than a good warmup before a solid  hard workout!  It has to be done or one might get a little stiff later on if you know what i mean? What makes a workout warmup more sensual and appealing to me is wearing the right gym gear! In this case skintight spandex leggings which hug every contour of my muscular frame like painted on latex.

The resistance that you fight physically in the gym and the resistance that you fight in life can only build a strong character.ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER

One has to wear the right clobber for any kind of session,  be it wrestling, jogging or doing weights but what I like most is to see how far I can push the erotic into the sporting. And I do get away with it.

Are You Ready To Pump?


Never Give Up….Ever!

Never do a session half-cocked, give it everything you had, you deserve to give yourself the best shot in life so make the effort! You mind, body and spirit deserver to be fighting fit in everything you do! That is how I live my live and it works for me, specially if I am dressed for the occasion.

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