muscle girl


Smoking Mistress Dometria in Negligee Naughtiness

I may look like a fierce Amazon warrior bitch but I still love the feminine things in life! What girl don’t (Well, Teresa May maybe).
I like nothing more after a hard day in the gym and beating my slaves than to slip into something more comfortable. Not rubber and lates (although this is my favourite) but something sexy, erotic and feminine! I am a woman after all, and though I am way more 50 shades of red than I am of grey, the silk and satin against my muscular thighs really gets me in the mood for some playtime naughtiness.

Mistress Dometria is the Green Goddess

It’s so good to see you here, watching me get ready and enjoying my new Green Goddess photo shoot with me. I particularly love the magical lighting my wonderful photographer created here, perfectly complementing the rich green of my bikini and my own, golden, Mediterranean skin. I think this shoot has a certain, delicious, deep and mysterious feel to it…. don’t you agree?

Shiny Bikini Gym Session

Dometria Gym Photo Session. I have always been passionate about sculpting my body and have a long-term love affair with wrestling and MMA. This attitude has give me the opportunity to push myself and realise my personal power. There is no better feeling for me than the sensation of my trained and taut muscles straining around a strong male physique.

Pretty Nasty In Pink – Boxing Ring Workout

Yes, I’m pretty nasty in pink! I’m pretty nasty in ANY colour in the boxing ring to be frank. Pink is definitely not my favourite colour! I like black and red, and shiny outfits in latex. Saying that, pink is very sexy in latex and for gym wear, but it doesn’t showcase my true fight-girl nature.

I do love this outfit though, as it is perfect for sparring and workouts, and gives me enough freedom to move in order to batter my competition. Its a bit of a lure really, like a butterfly, or in my case, a Praying  Mantis! 

Diamonds are a Dominatrix’s Best Friend

I love diamonds, I especially love how the jewels settle into my cleavage and rest there, sparking and enticing. There is nothing better than a precious gem gleaming against my muscles.

The song is perhaps most famously performed by Marilyn Monroe in the 1953 film Gentlemen Prefer Blondes. But I disagree with Marilyn! Diamonds dont discriminate against hair colour! They are also a brunette’s best friend. (Probably not a ginger’s though).

Gym Gear Goddess – Dometria’s Gym Wear

I am a very lucky girl indeed! I have my very own gym wear range, and it’s awesome. The range is available in both black and white and comes with my very own muscle-girl branding. The range consists of gym pants and vests and is made from 100% cotton. Nothing better than wearing your own branded gym-gear to motivate oneself to hit new benchmarks in weight training and body building.